TikTok Ads strategies used by 9-figure brands

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FREE TikTok Ads Blueprint with even more examples included

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BONUS: Free copy of TikTok Ads Blueprint with bonus examples, structures and hooks

Not sure why TikTok?

2/3 users say they'd definitely buy of TikTok

50% of TikTok users are 30+. There's a lot of buying power waiting for you

With more than one billion users you can't ignore it anymore

Not many know how to use TikTok Ads yet. You're a super early adapter!

It has more watch hours than YouTube and more traffic than Google... 

Don't fully understand TikTok, but want to use it to make money? This is the right place

You don't have to start at zero.

This is not just for e-commerce, but for any business. Even B2B.

You've probably heard of others blowing up on TikTok, but aren't sure how to do it yourself. Many of my clients were the same way before starting with ads.

They went from barely breaking even with ads to seeing returns as high as $10 for each dollar spend on some ads. Unbelievable!

I'd love for you to see the same 10x results! 

For beginners and experts

Ask yourself: If all it does is get you 5 more sales a day, would it be worth it to you?

Here's a sneak peak!

This won't leave you hanging with all the technical settings! It's a step by step walk through!

Learn how to create ads that drive home thousands of dollars in revenue!

  • Where to find best performing ads in your niche
  • What to pay attention to when creating videos yourself
  • Where to hire creators to do it for you

Not only that, but it also teaches how to go from spending less than $100 a day to more than $1k!

Every question you have about anything related to TikTok ads will be answered broken down into lessons you can understand no matter what background you come from!

And keep in mind, 80% of all businesses use paid advertising, but few do it on TikTok. Sounds like an absolute unfair advantage!

Just imagine you and your bank account giving each other THE hardest fist bump!

  • Is this for organic TikTok content as well?
    No. While many steps of creating great TikTok ads apply to organic too this eBook focuses on the advertising side.
  • Who are you?
    I'm Sven Muchow, Owner of Muchow Marketing and advertising agency helping 7&8 and 9-Figure e-commerce brands with TikTok Ads.
  • Who is this for?
    Businesses or solopreneurs who have thought about leveling up their game and use TikTok ads to scale their business.
  • Why TikTok?
    more than 1 billion users, more watch time than YouTube, 2/3 people say they'd definitely purchase in TikTok.
  • How long until I see results with TT ads?
    Like any advertising TikTok Ads might take time. It could be one week until you find a video style that works, but it could take a month as well.
  • Do I need a TikTok account and post to run TikTok ads?
    No. You don't need to ever post on TikTok and don't need an account to advertise. To use this eBook you don't even need to have opened TikTok EVER.
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Get the TikTok Ads Blueprint with even more examples and structures!
Structures, examples, hooks and more used by 8 and 9-Figure brands

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